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FILE.FM - Providing Space and Markets for Anyone to Upload Their Files for Future Preservation

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is File.Fm, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

What is the Library?

The Library is a free to use hybrid-decentralized data library, built and maintained through the collective efforts of the community. FFM aims to provide space and marketplace for anyone to upload their files for future preservation, and by adding correct metatags any file in the database can be easily found and accessed.

Library content examples

  • Stock images
  • Icons
  • Maps
  • Infographics
  • Stock videos
  • Movies
  • Blogs
  • Documentaries
  • Songs
  • Dj sets
  • Samples
  • Audiobooks
  • Templates
  • Data sets
  • Study notes
  • Presentations
  • Classic
  • Educational
  • Self published
  • Children`s
  • Freeware
  • Opensource
  • Games
  • Fonts
The Problem
No legal file library with specialized file search that offers both paid and free content
No unified platform for content creators or aggregators to create personal public file catalogs
No single file marketplace with effective payments, ensuring transparent remuneration system for authors and correct metadata

Solution Library unites technology and people to form a semi decentralized data platform on an open and equal basis.
1. The platform is built on two decentralized bases:
- P2P file sharing network in a browser
- P2P payments system on blockchain
2. It provides useful content gathered by community
3. Clear and convenient legal control of content Advantages

10 years experience in cloud file storage and backup solutions for SME and private users. 1M monthly web users and:
  • Cloud storage platform
  • Web and desktop apps
  • Knowledge of large scale storage systems
  • Current user base
  • Working decentralized alpha version

Token Economics
User participation in maintaining the library will be rewarded with FFM utility tokens that can later be exchanged for additional benefits.
Tokens will be listed on a crypto exchanges!
This allows independent trades with them

What is FFM?
FFM is the native platform token that allows users to participate in the Library and gain rewards for their work.

Token Utility
The FFM token can be gained by uploading files, adding metadata, sharing free drive space or doing other things that are beneficial to the Library. Users can spend their tokens on subscribing to pro features, buying private storage space or exchanging them for paid content, such as movies, TV shows, music or books.

The Library Token
  • Total Token Supply: 10 000 000 000
  • Limited Supply: Yes
  • Price per Token: $ 0.01
  • Symbol: FFM
  • Type: ERC20
  • First Year Crowdsale:
  • Private sale: $ 1 000 000
  • Presale: $ 1 000 000
  • Public sale: $ 10 000 000


To get more relevant details from the File.Fm project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Sinseykoin

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