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MYCRO - Matching Real-Time Jobs Through Intuitive And Simple Operations

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the Mycro project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:

About Mycro

Mycro provide a platform that will advance to the top of the global marketplace for real-time job matching through intuitive and simple operation. Through our peer-to-peer network for simple jobs, we give people back control of their time and money balance.

Mycro wants to solve a major problem of society by creating an equilibrium between time and money and also to establish a global and decentral peer-to-peer network for simple jobs. People around the world should choose themselves what they do, when and for whom they work and what their time is worth.

To protect the most valuable gift life offers people which is TIME.

We discovered two problem in the society today which are Time and Money

Those who have time want money. In the society today, there are lot of people in the world who are rich in time but would love to have more money. Owing to the lack of financial resources, they are concerned with money most of the time.

Having lot of free time is that enjoying free time costs a lot of money. Money for leisure activities and hobbies, money for the family, money for life. Lack of money is depressing and this makes people unhappy. Any individual ask about its financial problems will tell you that he needed MONEY.

Time is a phenomenon that accompanies people throughout their entire lives. Those who have money want time. time cannot be accumulated and saved.

Time is a basic requirement for all forms of life and the most valuable resource people have. Life without time is simply unfathomable.


The solution to the problem is MYCRO
Mycro create an innovative solution for people with time and money problems and tokenize the imbalance between time and money. Mycro is Simple. Fast. Intuitive.


Home services
Under home services, mycro provides these services such as Gardening, cleaning, tidying up, decluttering, small repairs, window cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking.

Delivery services
By doing the shopping, driving services, transport services, delivery services.

Virtual services
Internet researches, travel planning, assistence services, clerical work, online survey.

Skilled services
Tutoring, photography, model jobs, piano lessons, setting up the computer, mounting the TV, DJing, waitressing, setting up an internet connection.


Gig economy
One of the fastest growing part of the global labour market. Today, 200 million people are involved — this number is expected to increase to one billion in the next few years.

Great value for society
With our solution we give people back control of their time and money and improve the lives of millions of people.

Decentralised system
Right from the start, we build a smart contract software architecture on the blockchain in order to realize the vision of a completely decentralized system.

Brilliant team
Together we have more than 150+ years of experience in company building, software and blockchain development and marketing. And we love what we do.

  • Token name: MYO
  • Softcap: 3.500.000 €
  • Hardcap: 14.000.000 €
  • Token supply: 100.000.000 MYO
  • Private sale: 26.000.000 MYO
  • Main sale: 40.000.000 MYO
  • Blockchain specs: ERC20
  • Participation method: ETH
  • Start ICO: Q1/2019


Phase 01: 
Start — Mycro conception

Team & company — establishment Mycro.Jobs GmbH and development of core teams, development white paper, legal review of token design

MVP — Start development MVP, launch whitelisting website

ICO website online, Crowdsale Smart Contracts are ready

Private sale for strategic partners with a long term value for the project

Pre sale for early investors

Main sale — ICO, procurement of capital for the development of the Mycro network and implementation of the roadmap

Phase 02: Expansion
MYO exchange listing –We will work on listing MYO on suitable top exchanges

Soft launch MVP local market (Germany)

National launch –Planned are German cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and German speaking cities in Switzerland and Austria

European launch –Planned countries are France, Spain, Schweden, Italy — Favourite cities are Paris,Barcelona, Stockholm and Rom

Global launch –Planned are citiesin Asia and USA

Phase 03: Decentralisation
Start decentralisation –introduction of decentral management mechanisms step by step

Full decentralisation –decentralised computer and storage capacities are used in order to operate an independent ecosystem (IPFS, Golem, Sonm).

You can join or participate in the Mycro sales crowd through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Sinseykoin

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