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OutOfTheCloud - Provides a Paperless and Fast Delivery System for Large Multimedia Files

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the OutOfTheCloud project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:

About OutOfTheCloud

Unlike other ICO’s you may have looked into OutCloud Systems, Inc. stands apart in that we already have a working program. OutCloud Systems, Inc. has developed a state of the art Delivery Platform for sending multiple large multimedia files and has ventured well beyond the usual file sharing experience to include a dynamic and instantaneous streaming presentation of those files in a safe, secure and fully customizable display that can be personalized for each recipient.

These secured presentations can be created in just a few seconds and with just a few clicks of a mouse through our company website located at You can actually sign up for a FREE trial of or premium packages right now with no credit card required and start using our program immediately. 

Watch this video!


If you have any experience with other file sharing services whatsoever you may not even realize just how bad they are until you try us by comparison. OutCloud Systems, Inc. is redefining the file sharing industry and setting the new standard for how people are sending and receiving large files. The current leading file sharing services are using technology that by today’s standards would be considered primitive at best. Instead of creating new platforms they have built upon ancient, old and outdated ones allowing for OutCloud Systems, Inc. to lead the way as the next generation in file sharing technology.Like other file sharing services OutCloud Systems, Inc. has replaced the need for office supplies by providing a paperless and rapid delivery system for large multimedia files. 

OutCloud Systems, Inc. Users will no longer need to print and mail documents or burn audio / video files to a CD / DVD. OutCloud Systems, Inc. replaces the need for paper, ink cartridges, printer, staples, envelopes, postage, address labels, DVD’s/CD’s, jewel cases, cd labels and more.... However, unlike other file sharing services we do the following things very differently:

 - Many leading file sharing services require the receiver to download a file before it can be viewed. This takes time and requires effort on the part of the receiver. Our service is instantaneous and ready to view at the click of a button with no downloads required. In this manner, our service does twice the work in half the time. 

- Other leading file sharing services require their users to give total access to all of their computer files. Not only do they require this from the sender of large files but the in manycases from the receiver as well. Many people are not comfortable with such an invasion of privacy and want to be more selective about which files they intend to share with someone as well as to have control over who those files are shared with. Our system requires no such invasive permissions.

- We do not require software downloads before customers can begin sending or receiving files unlike many other file sharing services. Our service requires no downloads of any kind on either end. This process eliminates compromising your computer’s security and also reduces the risk of virus contamination as many computer viruses infect a computer during the downloading process. 

Feel Safe Buying OUT2 Tokens
We have implemented a secure and safe interace for you to purchase our tokens either directly with coins or fiat money.
  • Safe & Secure Transactions
  • Encrypted and Kept Private
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • KYC Verification Required
Initial Token Offering

In order to fund the development and continued growth of the OutCloud blockchain platform and network, an initial coin offering is been held. This offering shall be a flex offering and uncapped. The issuance will be broadly classified as an ICO. The distribution of tokens into three phases ensures that the funds are being allocated appropriately and the corresponding results are being achieved for the same. 

This will ensure a controlled deployment of funds as various projects and product features are introduced to the community. A focus on planning is critical, rather than concentrating purely on capital collection. There will be a total of 12 Billion non-mineable coins available in the ecosystem.
  • TOTAL FIXED TOKEN SUPPLY: 12,000,000,000
  • HARDCAP (OUT2): 50,000,000
  • SOFTCAP (OUT2): 5,000,000
  • TOKENS FOR PUBLIC: 9,000,000,000
Bonus Details
  • ICO SALE - PHASE 1 - 57% BONUS
  • ICO SALE - PHASE 2 - 29% BONUS

To get more relevant details from the OutOfTheCloud project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Sinseykoin

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